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"the highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle
 and permanent restoration of health by
 removal and annihilation of the whole disease
 in the shortest, most reliable way."

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Homeopathy's aim is the cure:


Deborah Licurse, Classical Homeopath, FsHom
Serving Dutchess and Rockland Counties, NY


I have been in private practice since 2006.  I am dedicated to working with you to achieve optimal health with homeopathy. I bring 20 years of experience in diet, nutrition, supplements and healthy lifestyle counseling.


My Homeopathic training comes from Dr. Luc DeSchepper, a wonderful Master of Homeopathy, world renown homeopath, who is brilliant, compassionate and entertaining as well.  I have completed 5 years of study in July, 2008 in Advanced 5th/6th edition prescribing through the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy under the directorship of Dr. Luc. I have received my Fellowship Degree, June, 2009 from Pioneer University in the UK. 


I am currently in the process of completing my PhD in Homeopathic Medicine at Pioneer University in the UK.


My role of mother, doula training and homeopathic midwifery training has allowed me to understand children and the dynamics of family life. I work with all chronic and acute issues and have had much success treating a variety of ailments. I am particularly interested in healing families through homeopathic care.


I have written several publications, including "Healing Gently with Homeopathy," The Lakeville Journal, Lakeville, CT, and "Healing the Whole You Through Homeopathy," Living and Being, Poughkeepsie, NY.   I have given seminars on homeopathy at local schools and health centers.

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