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Of all the
healing modalities
I have studied, I found Homeopathy the most fulfilling. Homeopathy individualizes to
the patient.


~Deborah Licurse

Consultation and Fees


Fees are to be paid at time of consultation.


First Appointment

Up to 2 hours, history of patient from birth till present

$325.00 - Adult 

$300.00 - Child


First visit includes:

  • 2 hour consult with Deborah Licurse

  • The initial homeopathic remedy

  • A first week follow-up communication report at day 3 after you take remedy

  • A 10 day follow-up communication report


Please bring in all copies of pertinent info (reports, diagnosis) from other doctors



Follow-up Appointment

45 minutes to 1 hour


These appointments vary depending on individual. The first follow-up is at 4-6 weeks after initial consultation.



Follow-up includes:

  • Two communication reports, day 3 and day 10

  • New homeopathic remedy

  • Follow-up scheduled at time of appt.



If treatment stops, within first year, a $150.00 fee is charged to retake case. If treatment resumes after 1 year, $275.00 will be charged to do a retake



Family discounts

First two people at normal fee (Adult - $325.00, Child - $300.00}

Third member - 25% off

Fourth member - 25% off


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