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Debbie Licurse is an extraordinary Homeopath, her knowledge and skill, not to mention her intuitive and empathic abilities, immense.  After I had cancer, chemotherapy, and 3 surgeries in one year, Debbie provided remedies that prevented infection, that reduced pain, that cleared the liver of all the drugs I was given,  that brought my body back to well being.  From life threatening illness to joyful living is quite a journey.  Debbie has been by my side throughout, I am so very grateful.”

To read specific examples of treatments and outcomes, see my Case Studies.

I just want to give some PR for Deborah Licurse.  David has been seeing her since last Fall, and he normally would be miserable right now because of allergies.  This is the best spring so far!!  He shows very little to no symptoms.
I will start seeing her myself, also.

Homeopathy and being under the care of such a gifted and caring practitioner as Debbie Licurse has changed my life. Debbie has been treating my whole family for over 10 years for anything from menstrual issues and menopause, stress and anxiety issues to rashes and addictions.

It is such a gentle and effective modality and Debbie partners her vast knowledge and intuition perfectly.

Debbie is a blessing in our lives!

Elissa Malloy
Cresskill, NJ


I have been seeing Debbie for the last few years, and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking homeopathic care. She has helped me in numerous areas physical, internal and emotional. Debbie is very personable and nurturing. She's intuitive and knows what side effects I am experiencing before I even explain whats happening. She really knows her stuff. I am very glad she was recommended to me by one of my friends, because my life has changed since I met her.


Ariella Zarrabi

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