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Case Studies


A Case of Genital Herpes

A Case of Autism


Lyme Disease Case

38 year old Mother, who had recently (8weeks ago) had a baby. She noticed a ring like lesion on her right thigh.  She complained of exhaustion, headaches and chills.  Impression was Stage 2 Lyme Disease with rash.  The Lyme Test showed positive and also Western Block Test showed positive for Lyme.  I administered Lyme Nosode 30c, every other day for 1 week.  A fever broke out for 48 hours.  After the fever broke the symptoms started to gradually disappear.  Within 4 weeks feeling back to normal.  The homeopathic medicine Ledum Palustre has also been advocated by numerous homeopathic physicians for use in Stage 1, 2 Lyme Prophylaxis.


Cancer Case

A 52 year old male patient came with a 7 cm solid mass at distal end of GI track, 4 tumors in large intestine and stomach lesions, Stage IV.  I administered Aurum Met. 6C and Ferrum Phos. 6x daily.  I used Cadmium sulphate 200c for effects from chemotherapy.  Within 1 month blood counts went up dramatically.  Continued to use aurum 6c and 12c intercurrently with 30c Carcinosium within 5 months the mass in the GI track and large intestine had reduced to less than 1 cm.   The patient's overall energy had improved, he gained 20 pounds and felt more positive and happy.   My patient then decided to move to California and continued homeopathic treatment.


Brain Aneurysm Case

63 year old woman was brain dead from a brain aneurysm. I first administered Arnica 200c to stop bleeding.  She started to vomit blood after first dose within minutes.  I then administered 1M of Arnica, the vomitting of blood continued.  The Arnica stopped bleeding and swelling.  I waited about 12 hours to use Opium 200c first, then 1M, then 10M within a 12 hour period. The opium brought her out of the coma.


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