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Homeopathy and the Flu

Homeopathy and the Flu

January, 2015

Homeopathic medicine is a great natural alternative to heal the symtoms

of the flu and can also be used as a preventative. Most flu seasons and

epidemics fit a common homeopathic picture, so that the majority of people

will benefit from the epidemic medicine. There is a long history of successful

management of serious acute infections with homeopathy, particularly the flu.

The four most frequently indicated homeopathic flu medicines over the past

100 years have been Gelsemium, Arsenicum, Rhus Tox and Bryonia.

How to decide which remedy to use:

Arsenicum-drink in small sips, very chilly, restless, diarrhea, vomiting, summer

flu, anxiety, fatigue

Gelsemium-too tired to open their eyes, fever, thirstlessness, trembling, comes on

slowly, aching muscles, pain in back of head, sluggish, fatigue, sensitive to cold, clammy

Rhus Tox-Human barometer, worse in damp weather, extreme restlessness, better from

movement, worse at nighttime, anxious, depressed, chilly, sweaty, headache in back of neck, dry mouth, thirstlessness

Bryonia-very thirsty, comes on slowly, headache in front of head, worse for movement,

restless, thirsty, warm and drier, wants cool temperatures, coughing, chest symptoms.

The best potency to use for an acute is 200c. Put 3 pellets in 8 oz water bottle and

succuss 8 times. Take 1 tsp as needed.

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